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and E-Mail Addresses

Note email address's are listed as AT instead of @ in hopes of preventing bots extracting for spam use.

AD1ET--Ron Rabie --E-Mail: pattieandronrabie at

K7LON--Lon Whitmer -- E-Mail: k7lon at

N7XEU-- Richard Billingsley ---E-Mail: bipro at

N7DZH--Richard Franklin--E-Mail: n7dzh at

N5BG--Larry Griggs--E-Mail: lgriggs at

N7QK-- Quentin Kavanaugh--E-Mail:

N7JND --Chris Buchanan--E-Mail: n7jnd at

N9FL-- Frank Lauter---E-Mail: N9FL at

AA7BM--Byron McCabe--E-Mail: bmcc45 at

K7JEM--Joe Montierth--E-Mail: k7jem at

W7TOP--Patrick Fleming--E-Mail: w7top at

KE7KRE---Dennis McAvoy---E-Mail: ke7kre at

W0OGN---Wally Prill--E-Mail: wprill at

KB7WI---Dave Green---E-Mail: greens at

W1JTS--Jon Shannon--E-Mail: w1jts at

KD7LMX--Leroy Schneidwent--E-Mail: 1036leroy at

W7WGW--Wendell Winter--E-Mail: n7vqg at

N7AM ---Dave Wells---E-Mail: dwells at

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